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Click to see larger, detailed image Built to move prolific gas production from the Rockies supply region to the mid-continent, Trailblazer is an approximately 450-mile-long pipeline that extends from Cheyenne, Wyo., to Beatrice, Neb. At Beatrice, Trailblazer interconnects with large interstate natural gas pipelines that transport the gas on to major consumer markets in the country, such as Chicago, the upper Midwest and the Northeast.

Trailblazer is a crucial conduit between the Rockies and the Midcontinent and is consistently one of the lowest-priced routes out of the Rockies. It also directly serves a number of distribution, commercial and industrial customers.

For more Trailblazer Pipeline operational and shipper information, please visit our Tallgrass Pipeline Interactive Website.

Services Provided:
     • Firm Transportation Services
     • Interruptible Transportation Services

Commercial Contacts:

Gary Sanchez (303) 763-3513
Paula Barrett Gold (303) 763-3345
Brittney Kinney (303) 763-3481
Buddy Farah (303) 763-3145

For pipeline scheduling:
Scheduling Hotline: (303) 763-2906

For operations: Mick Rafter (303) 763-3689

For right-of-way: Dick Sears (303) 763-3302

For credit: Brook Quinlan (303) 763-3440

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